Upcoming and Previous Exhibitions

The Cabot Gallery features exhibitions from student and professional artists of all ages.

Recurring exhibitions include Students of Students, various professional artists, along with local and regional area middle and high school shows.

Spring 2024

Willard High School
January 29 - February 26

This exhibition is curated by Willard High School art teachers Teressa Duncan and Carly Hoerr. Images selected for this exhibition represent the range of students’ investigative and exploratory processes, media, and techniques employed to articulate the concepts of idea to image. These students demonstrate artistic, creative, and intuitive art-making processes inherent to the investigative and exploratory nature of art-making.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
March 18 - April 12

This exhibition is coordinated by Central’s Art Teachers in Springfield Public Schools. In this exhibition, images are created by students to demonstrate their artistic, creative, and intuitive art-making processes. These processes are inherent to the investigative and exploratory nature of art making, which is particularly important in the International Baccalaureate Programme. The works show a personal approach to art-making for each of the students and are the culminating event in their two years of artistic study.

Students of Students
April 22 – May 10

This exhibition comes after student teaching where pre-service art teachers exhibit images made by their students during the semester of student teaching. The exhibition is designed to allow the pre-service teacher maximum freedom of choice of which student images to include. In conjunction with their students, the pre-service teacher is expected to exhibit their artwork that demonstrates their highest achievement in studio practices. The community and students, parents, teachers, and administrators from the school are invited.


  • Angela Saldanha

    Portuguese artist, Angela Saldanha, exhibits her works nationally and internationally, where she usually works as an activist of nature, community involvement, and critical reflections on society.

  • Willard High School

    Curated by Willard High School art teachers Teressa Duncan and Carly Hoerr.

  • Ozark Elementary: A Celebration of the Arts

    This exhibition was curated by Cyndi Shepard, who is a veteran elementary art teacher in the Ozark School System.

  • Students of Students

    Students of Students Exhibition featuring Amber White, Hannah Willadsen, and Arianna Ponder.

  • Art Education Faculty Exhibit: Spirituality & Coexistence

    Iconographic paintings by Dr. Fatih Benzer